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Admin Team

I am a High School student interested in going into the dental field. I am currently shadowing under the Yelm Dental team for experience. I have found a passion in helping patients to feel confident and comfortable knowing their needs will be met. I love that Yelm Dental prioritizes patient care and service over all else, making sure each individual gets the attention they need. Some of my hobbies outside of work include playing tennis, painting, and hiking. 


I have been in the dental field since June 2004 and with Yelm Dental since January 2020. I started out as a dental assistant after graduating from South Puget Sound Community College's Expanded Function Dental Assisting Program only to find I wasn't a fan of spit and blood. I moved up front and have been there ever since. I've been in many roles from Treatment Plan Coordinator, Billing Specialist, to Office Manager and more. What I love about all these roles is the interaction I get with patients and the opportunity to provide them with a great experience. Most recently I've discovered I am passionate about advocating for patients amongst the insurance world. 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time playing board games with my husband and young son as well as camping, hiking, and many adventures to local parks and coffee shops.  We are fortunate to have our families live nearby and a great group of friends we love doing life with.  We can often be found at our church of ten years, active in marriage ministry as well as other roles.

I started my dental career as a dental assistant in 2018, however I quickly became very passionate about front office work and especially learning to understand insurance companies. I would now consider myself quite the dental insurance guru and I have becoming very passionate about making sure that our patient's benefits are used effectively and to their benefit as much as possible. I have definitely found my home here at Yelm Dental, not only do I love the Yelm community, but I love the relationships I have made with our patients. When I'm not at work I love a beach or a mountain any time of year and can't go wrong with a good book, my family is also avid Disc golfers.