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Abscessed Tooth

What most people believe is a severe toothache is usually an abscessed tooth.  The tooth may be extremely sensitive to touch, may ache and throb spontaneously or there may also be gum/cheek swelling.  These are signs and symptoms of an acute bacterial infection within the tooth.  

Proper diagnosis of a dental abscess involves x-rays and an oral exam to determine which tooth is the source of the infection or whether or not the tooth is savable.  If the tooth is savable, it will likely require root canal therapy to clean out the infected pulp inside the tooth.  After this is accomplished, the tooth is restored to it's proper shape and a "cap" or crown is placed.  If the tooth is not savable or the patient elects not to save it, the tooth must be extracted.  In the event of an extraction, we will review tooth replacement options with you.  

*If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our office right away.  We reserve time in our schedule to see and treat emergency patients every day.